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Why Leadership is Important

        posted by , February 11, 2013

People tend to think of leadership as a rare skill. A leader needs followers so everyone can't be a leader — right?

We all accept that everyone should have communication skills or interpersonal skills. When it comes to leadership — we feel it's an exclusive club.

After all, the greatest people in history were leaders. How can we compare ourselves to the likes of Winston Churchill or John F Kennedy?

Leaders make big decisions and they change the course of world events ... it all seems like too much responsibility.

Why You Can Lead

The skills commonly associated with leadership include:

Influencing & Inspiring
Motivating & Persuading
Diplomacy & Negotiating
Coaching & Mentoring
Public Speaking
Decision Making

You already do most of these things on a weekly basis, don't you?

Can you say that you've never thought of a strategy?
Can you claim that you've never influenced someone?
Can you deny that you've taught somebody something?

If you accept that you already demonstrate leadership on a regular basis — why not develop your leadership skills?

Every small improvement in your leadership abilities tends to bring professional and personal growth.

Once we get over the myth that leadership is an exclusive, unattainable skill — it's time to start leading.

This article is an installment in the series of posts called how to win at leadership.

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