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Skills Inventory

        posted by , May 30, 2013

The Simplicable skills inventory is a large list of skills broken down by profession and area.

The skills listed are standard industry terms that may be useful for resumes, job descriptions and learning plans.

Skill Lists

Lists of skills by profession and area.

Profession or AreaSkill List
Leaders & Executive ManagersCEO (99 Skills)
Executive Leadership (111 Skills)

ManagementManagement (110 Skills)
Change Management (40 Skills)
Project ManagementProgram Management (98 Skills)
Project Management (125 Skills)

Soft SkillsSoft Skills (87 Skills)
Leadership (59 Skills)
Negotiation (103 Skills)
Public Speaking (89 Skills)
Presentations (22 Skills)
Time Management (34 Skills)
Emotional Intelligence (42 Skills)
Interpersonal Skills (80 Skills)
Communication (90 Skills)
Visual Communication (83 Skills)
Innovation (60 Skills)

BusinessSales (95 Skills)
Marketing (111 Skills)
Entrepreneurs (90 Skills)
AcademicMBA (110 Skills)

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What does it take to be a CFO, CIO or Managing Director of Sales? The 111 skills that define executive leaders.

Lead from your strengths to improve your negotiation results.

This list can be used by MBA graduates working on their resume, by hiring managers who are interviewing MBA graduates or by perspective MBA students who are evaluating graduate programs.

Marketing is both a creative and business skillset.

Project management is a high stakes profession.

It takes dozens of skills to be a good public speaker.

Have you ever met a time burglar?

Many people still roll their eyes when they hear the term emotional intelligence ...

Leadership isn't a skill, it's a set of skills.

Innovation is tricky. It's elusive. It often comes when you least expect it.

When interpersonal relationships break down businesses become bogged down in politics or end up with disengaged employees and angry customers. It's not a pretty picture.

Visuals can instantly communicate emotion or information — it's a great skill to master. Actually, it's 83 great skills to master.

The philosophers of Ancient Greece and politicians of Ancient Rome elevated public speaking to fine art.

None of us are perfect communicators. Just the other day I asked someone if their wife was a carrot.

It is no exaggeration to say that the average entrepreneur acquires hundreds of professional and soft skills.

Timid salespeople have skinny kids ...

Program managers oversee a portfolio of projects including strategy, program execution, benefits realization, stakeholders and governance.

Half the ambitious people in any given firm plan to be CEO someday. Most won't make the grade. It's a demanding role that requires an awe inspiring set of skills.

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