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Negotiations Strategies

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Diplomatic techniques and strategy that can be applied to everyday business negotiations.

Adversarial negotiation strategy often resembles battle strategy. Things get messy.

Whether it's your salary, a vendor contract or a project decision — most professionals negotiate on a weekly basis. It's good to know a few reliable negotiation strategies.

Never show up to negotiations without a firm understanding of your BATNA.

The bogey is essentially a bluff. It gives the other side more cards to play with ...

Fear makes people do dumb things and make bad decisions.

The art of BATNA based negotiation strategy.

Make an offer that your customer can't refuse ... with a catch.

The philosophers of Ancient Greece and politicians of Ancient Rome elevated public speaking to fine art.

A change manger is a leader who analyzes, communicates, plans, schedules and manages change.

A timeless communication strategy that is insanely effective.

From Napoleon to Steve Jobs, the many definitions of leadership.

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