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Negotiation Guide

        posted by , June 01, 2013

If you can't spot the sucker in the first half hour at the table, then you ARE the sucker.
~ Mike McDermott (Matt Damon), Rounders
Like poker, negotiation can make a sucker of you. However, negotiation strategy makes poker look like child's play.

Business negotiation is on par with chess and international diplomacy in terms of complexity of strategy and tactics.

The good news is that, like chess, few people are masters of negotiation. If you master just one or two basic negotiation strategies and skills you'll be above average. If you master every skill and strategy listed below you'll be amongst the best.

The following negotiation guide is intended as a reference to help you improve your negotiating skills. It may be helpful for salary, sales and contract negotiations.

SkillsNegotiation Skills
103 negotiation skills.
Strategy, Techniques & TacticsAdversarial Negotiation
18 strategies for win-lose and lose-lose negotiations.

Influence to Negotiate
34 strategies for win-win negotiations.

Diplomacy for Negotiations
15 diplomatic strategies for negotiations.

BATNA Strategy
Always know your alternatives before negotiations begin.

Sales StrategiesDoor in the Face
The power of outlandish first offers.

Foot in the Door
Establish relationships and then sell, sell, sell.

When to ask for more.

How To Negotiate With a Bogeyman
A counterstrategy for a bogey.

Low Ball
An irresistible offer ... with a catch.

Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt
How to recognize and deal with attempts to trigger your fear instincts.

20 fearless closing strategies.

Dilemmas Mexican Standoff
A classic problem of game theory ... and film.

Prisoner's Dilemma
How to solve the prisoner's dilemma.

TypesTypes of Negotiations
All negotiations aren't created equally — the 7 types of negotiations.

Salary Negotiations
A look at strategies for salary.

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