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Lead from your strengths for effective presentations

        posted by , December 05, 2012

Did you ever notice that great speakers make it look easy? It is often tempting to emulate a gifted orators style — but this is a mistake. The reason is simple: there are different styles of communication that are hardwired into our brains. There is not a one-size-fits-all technique for presentations.

Great orators understand their style of communication and lead from their strengths.

Communication Styles

There are four styles of communication. Most people have 1 dominant style and some abilities in the other 3.

presentation skills

Problem Solver

Problem Solvers should take care to be interesting. This means minimizing details and getting to the point. Problem Solvers have a tendency to put audiences to sleep with excessive details.


Visionaries are often brilliant orators. Visionaries should focus presentations on topics they are passionate about. When visionaries get heated up about something they keep audiences engaged.


Planners need to rehearse presentations. Generally, they feel more comfortable sticking to a script.

Planners can be good orators when speaking about a familiar topic. However, they can easily be derailed by audience participation. Planners should prepare for likely questions and practice common techniques for handling difficult questions. One effective technique is to rephrase a difficult question back to the audience.


Diplomats are great at facilitating discussions. Diplomats do best when information slides are kept to the essentials. Diplomats should plan for ice breakers and group activities.

This is the 3rd installment in the 9-part series of posts called How to Give Magnetic Presentations.

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Lead from your strengths to improve your negotiation results.

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