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Innovation Training

In a world of constant change, standing still is your greatest risk.

Innovation is the creation of value with new ideas. It's the disruptive force that drives business, technology and social change.

Get innovation right and you'll capture and sustain growth. Get it wrong and your business will likely erode.

Simplicable Innovation Training is an intensive overview of the innovation techniques that drive industry disruption.


Leading Organizational Change is a hands-on 3-day course. Participants gain an innovation toolkit for leading business change.
Course Outline
Economics of Innovation• Economics of knowledge and innovation

• Transient advantage

• Sustainable competitive advantage
Innovation Techniques• Innovation myths

• Breaking from mediocrity

• Counterfactuals

• First principles

• Group dynamics of creative results

• Fail fast

• Problem solving vs idea driven innovation

• Conceptual metaphors

• Flash of genius (idea incubation)

• Paper prototypes & cardboard engineering

• Long tail innovation

• 20 flavors of innovation

• Commercialization of ideas
Leading Innovation• Why innovation drives employee engagement

• Building a future focused organization

• Innovation ethics

• The power of principles

• Why influence trumps authority

• Leadership strategies for innovative change

• Developing innovation leaders

• Incentives for innovation

• Performance management & recognition

• The role of norms, expectations, symbols, habits & ritual

• Communication & socialization strategy

• Storytelling for innovation

• Structuring innovation programs

Who Should Attend?

Leaders and managers who are engaged in strategic planning, business improvement or business development.


Simplicable Innovation Training is a 3 day program.

Classes begin at promptly at 8:30 AM and conclude by 5:30 PM unless otherwise directed. Business casual attire is appropriate.


Cost: $1995.00 / person

Max. 16 participants

Contact us for schedule and availability.

Group Enrollment

To further the impact of this program we encourage organizations to enroll cross-functional teams for the same class.

A group enrollment discount of 10% is available (minimum 4 participants from the same organization in the same class).

Onsite classes may be available at your facility for a further discount of 10% (minimum 6 participants).

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