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How to Give Magnetic Presentations

        posted by , January 07, 2013

Presentations are the best, and often the only, chance you have to influence decision makers. Why would you give a presentation that's anything less than magnetic?

The fact is that most presentations aren't magnetic. Despite the potential rewards — few people ever become great public speakers.

Here's an interesting statistic. Three out of four people (75%) admit to a fear of public speaking.

It's not only fear that prevents people from giving magnetic presentations. Lack of preparation, bad habits and ineffective strategies are also major barriers.

This 9-part series provides you with the concrete direction you need to give magnetic presentations every time.

1. Why Your Presentations Aren't Very Good
2. 5 Reasons Your Fear of Public Speaking Is An Advantage
3. Lead From Your Strengths for Effective Presentations
4. 6 Public Speaking Myths That Are Dumb
5. 22 Presentation Skills
6. 7 Ways To Begin Your Presentation With a Bang
7. How To KISS Your Presentation Skills in 10 Easy Steps
8. 8 Timeless Tricks For Great Presentations
9. Effective Presentations To Hostile Audiences

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