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98 Program Management Skills (List)

        posted by , December 09, 2015

If project management is tough (and it most certainly is) then program management is all the tougher.

Program managers oversee a portfolio of projects including strategy, program execution, benefits realization, stakeholders and governance.

Programs are very different from projects because they are generally ongoing. Programs may have complex lifecycles (as opposed to a end date). They may be tied to a company's financial results and require quarterly financial reporting and frequent benefits analysis.

It's common for program managers to work closely with executive leadership. As such, program managers require executive leadership skills themselves.

The following inventory of program management skills is based on commonly cited skills in job descriptions and professional examinations (e.g. PMI PgMP).

1. Strategic Program Management
2. Program Lifecycle
3. Benefits Management
4. Stakeholder Management
5. Governance

Strategic Program Management

6. Program Mission and Vision
7. Strategic Planning and Analysis
8. Program Assessments
9. Program Strategy & Objectives
10. Program Strategy Alignment
11. Program Priorities
12. Developing Program Road Maps
13. Funding Models
14. Cost-Benefit Analysis
15. Forecasting
16. Feasibility Analysis
17. Financial Metrics
18. Program Budgeting
19. Leadership Approvals & Financial Authorizations
20. Regulatory and Legal Constraints
21. Intellectual Property Laws and Guidelines
22. Information Privacy
23. Human Resource Requirements
24. Market Analysis
25. Marketing
26. Product Development
27. Portfolio Management
28. Scenario Analysis
29. Trend Analysis
30. Sustainability

Program Lifecycle

31. Program Initiation
32. Program Charters
33. Organizational Planning
34. Program Standards
35. Program Schedule Management
36. Program Scope
37. Program Management Plans
38. Work Breakdown Structures (WBS)
39. Program Direction
40. Accountability Matrices
41. Monitoring & Controlling Projects
42. Variance Forecasting
43. Variance Monitoring
44. Resource Leveling
45. Identifying Project Synergies
46. Project Management Information Systems
47. Managing Project Issues
48. Root Cause Analysis
49. Contract Negotiation
50. Negotiation Strategy
51. Managing Contracts
52. Financial Reporting
53. Statistical Analysis
54. Benchmarking
55. Team Management
56. Procurement Management
57. Logistics Management
58. Risk Management
59. Cost Management
60. Time Management
61. Change Management
62. Quality Control
63. Service Level Agreements
64. Modeling Business Decisions
65. Program & Project Issue Management
66. Impact Assessments
67. Program Performance Analysis
68. Knowledge Management
69. Project Closure
70. Lessons Learned
71. Financial Closure Processes

Benefits Management

72. Benefits Analysis
73. Business Value Measurement
74. Project Gate Reviews
75. Earned Value Management
76. Program & Project Audits
77. Program Performance & Quality Metrics
78. Transition Plans
79. Project Integration
80. Benefit Optimization

Stakeholder Management

81. Communication Plans
82. Managing Executive Stakeholders
83. Influencing & Motivation Techniques
84. Program Communications
85. Financial Analysis for Program Decisions
86. KPIs
87. Performance Management (Talent Management)
88. Training, Coaching & Mentoring
89. Approvals Management
90. Decision Tree Analysis
91. Customer Relationship Management
92. Expectation Management
93. Public Speaking
94. Public Relations


95. Governance Models
96. Governance Processes and Procedures
97. Contingency Planning
98. Business Ethics

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