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95 Sales Skills (List)

        posted by , February 10, 2013

Timid salesmen have skinny kids.
~ Zig Ziglar
Timid salespeople may have skinny kids but so do those who lack skills.

Selling is more art than science. All different types of people are good at it. All different types of people are bad at it.

Selling is a complex combination of emotional intelligence and business acumen. Contrary to popular belief, you're not born with it.

Selling is a skill that can be learned. More accurately, selling skills can be continuously improved with experience and knowledge.

Sales training and development is important for all sales people — whatever their monthly sales numbers.

The following list of sales skills is fairly comprehensive. It includes skills for sales operations and management.

Selling Skills

1. Prospecting
2. Identifying Leads
3. Qualifying Leads
4. Establishing Rapport With Clients
5. Managing a Client Engagement
6. Managing Contacts
7. Managing Appointments
8. Questioning Clients & Identifying Customer Requirements
9. Analyzing RFPs
10. Developing Proposals
11. Sales Pitching
12. Answering Customer Questions
13. Customer Relationship Management
14. Using SFA & CRM Tools
15. Product Knowledge
16. Selling Product Benefits
17. Need Creation
18. Analysis of Customer Buy Cycles
19. Analysis of Customer-side Politics
20. Closing Deals
21. Upselling


22. Negotiating Techniques and Strategy
23. Influence to Negotiate
24. Demonstrating Empathy & Understanding of Customer Problems
25. Establishing Common Ground
26. Foot-in-the-door Techniques
27. Door-in-the-face Techniques
28. Nibble Techniques
29. Diplomacy Techniques
30. Getting To Yes

Sales Operations

31. Sales Strategy
32. Sales Planning
33. Sales Reporting
34. Sales Metrics & KPI
35. Sales Benchmarking
36. Sales Margin Management
37. Sales Deal Approvals
38. Payment of Sales Commissions & Incentives
39. Running Sales Contests
40. Manage Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Information
41. Plan Sales Training & Development
42. Sales Communications
43. Customer Segmentation
44. Liaison With Finance & Marketing
45. Developing Sales Collaterals

Sales Strategy

46. Sales Program Formulation
47. Pricing Strategy
48. Sales Partner Strategy
49. Sales Promotions
50. Setting Sales Targets, Quotas and Incentives
51. Sales Motivation & Sales Contests
52. Customer Retention Strategy
53. Go-to-Market Strategies
54. Sales-Marketing Alignment
55. Sales Information & Technology Strategy

Sales Management

56. Management by Objectives
57. Managing Sales Quotas & Incentives
58. Sales Organization Design
59. Motivating Salespeople
60. Sales Force Deployment
61. Sales Recruiting
62. Sales Team Performance Management
63. Management of Sales Training and Development Programs
64. Managing Large Accounts
65. Sales Force Supervision
66. Sales Territory Management
67. Managing Sales Productivity
68. Managing Selling Costs
69. Mentoring Sales Teams
70. Managing Sales Partners

Sales Pipeline Management

71. Opportunity Management
72. Call Management
73. Quote Management
74. Order Management
75. Order Fulfillment Management
76. Account Management
77. Customer Retention Management
78. Managing Upsell Activities
79. Sales Forecasting

Soft Skills

80. Results-focus
81. Action-oriented
82. Endurance & Persistence
83. Persuasion
84. Diplomacy
85. Politics
86. Public Speaking & Presentations
87. Communication Skills
88. Active Listening
89. First Impressions
90. Establishing Rapport
91. Building Trust
92. Networking
93. Time Management
94. Meeting Management
95. Business Acumen

This article is a installment in the ongoing series of posts called how to win at sales.

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