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90+ Communication Skills

        posted by , May 30, 2013

None of us have perfected communication.

We all put our foot in our mouths from time to time. I know I do. Especially, when I speak Japanese (my second language). Just the other day I asked someone if their wife was a carrot. The word for carrot and pregnant are similar in Japanese (ninjin vs ninshin).

Beyond such basic challenges communication is a difficult skill to master. It requires well developed interpersonal and political skills.

These 90 skills are commonly considered essential to productive business communications.

Core Communication Skills

  1. Verbal Communication

  2. Visual Communication
    Communicating information and emotion visually.

  3. Interpersonal Skills

  4. Emotional Intelligence
    Perceiving and using emotions to achieve desired outcomes.

  5. Influencing
    Applying the art of persuasion.

  6. Business Communication

Verbal Communication

  1. Conversation

  2. Articulate Speech

  3. Ability to Simplify Complex Ideas

  4. Public Speaking
    The ability to influence an audience.

  5. Presentations

  6. Storytelling

  7. Using Humor & Wit
    Applying humor to achieve business results.

  8. Effective Word Choice

  9. Plain Language (Clear Word Choice That Avoids Jargon)

  10. Mental Sharpness and Inventiveness

  11. Control of the Voice (Intonation & Inflection)

  12. Speaking Rhythm

  13. Self-presentation

  14. Developing a Relationship With an Audience

  15. Active Silence
    Strategic use of silence to communicate.

  16. Active Listening
    Providing continuous feedback to improve your comprehension and show that you're listening.

  17. Selective Listening
    Listening by summarizing and filtering (arguably a bad habit).

  18. Critical Questioning
    validates relevance, assumptions and evidence with effective questions.

  19. Language Ability

  20. Targeted Communication (Tailoring Your Message To Your Audience)

  21. Visual Communication

    1. Visual Presentation (e.g. Effective Slides)

    2. Body Language & Facial Expressions

    3. Eye Contact
      A fundamental aspect of communication in every culture.

    4. Gestures

    5. Posture

    6. Stage Presence (Public Speaking)

    7. Artistic Sense

    8. Visual Communication Design

    9. Graphic Design

    10. Web Design

    11. Drawing

    12. Typography

    13. Effective Use of Visual Aids

    14. Fashion Sense
      More: 83 Visual Communication Skills

    15. Interpersonal Skills

      1. Social Intelligence

      2. Greetings

      3. Introductions

      4. Making Good First Impressions

      5. Establishing Rapport

      6. Building Trust

      7. Developing Interpersonal Relationships

      8. Emotional Intelligence

      9. Perceiving Emotions

      10. Understanding Emotions

      11. Ability to Analyze Your Own Emotions

      12. Self Control (Emotions)

      13. Empathy

      14. Observing & Analyzing

      15. Paraphrasing

      16. Understanding of Barriers to Communication (e.g. Information Overload)

      17. Disability Awareness

      18. Cultural Competence

      19. Attunement to Social Norms

      20. Self-esteem

      21. Open to Criticism

      22. Sense of Humor

      23. Using Emotions

      24. Influencing

        1. Persuasion

        2. Reasoning

        3. Negotiation
          Reaching beneficial agreements.

        4. Motivating

        5. Inspiring

        6. Debating

        7. Providing Feedback

        8. Collaborating

        9. Business Communication

          1. Public Relations

          2. Selling

          3. Marketing Communications

          4. Advertising

          5. Publicity

          6. Community Engagement

          7. Technical Communication

          8. Executive Communication (e.g. Executive Summaries)

          9. Crisis Communication

          10. Interviewing

          11. Customer Service

          12. Customer Relationships

          13. Leadership
            Setting direction and influencing people to follow.

          14. Team Building

          15. Engaging Employees

          16. Coaching

          17. Mentoring

          18. Training

          19. Conflict Resolution

          20. Office Politics

          21. Business Etiquette

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