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89 Public Speaking Skills

        posted by , February 01, 2013

It sounds cheesy but it's true — public speaking has been the key to power and influence since the dawn of civilization.

It's known that the ancient Egyptians gave public speeches. They even developed public speaking training.

The philosophers of Ancient Greece and politicians of Ancient Rome elevated public speaking to a fine art.

Cicero Denounces Catiline

Modern public speakers draw on everything from leadership psychology to humor to wow audiences.

These 89 skills are commonly associated with effective public speaking.

Core Public Speaking Skills

1. Persuasion
2. Speaking Skills
3. Delivery
4. Visual Communication
5. Interpersonal Skills
6. Personal Skills


7. Influencing
8. Motivating
9. Networking (Before and After Speaking)
10. Establishing Authority
11. Being Interesting
12. Inspiring An Audience
13. Using Emotions
14. Informing
15. Humor
16. Eloquence
17. Developing a Relationship With An Audience
18. Building Rapport With An Audience
19. Empathizing
20. Debate
21. Listening
22. Answering Questions
23. Crowd Psychology
24. Propaganda
25. Appealing to Group Narcissism (e.g. Chicago is my favorite town!)
26. Delivering a Call to Action
27. Building An Effective Argument
28. Drilling a Message

Speaking Skills

29. Vocabulary
30. Effective Word Choice
31. Plain Speaking
32. Speechwriting
33. Storytelling
34. Analogies
35. Slogans
36. Language Proficiency
37. Developing a Vision
38. Effective Argument


39. Fashion and Look
40. Inflection of the Voice
41. Intonation
42. Body Language
43. Facial Expressions
44. Eye Contact
45. Stage Presence
46. Effect Use of 3D space (e.g. walking around)
47. Use of Props
48. Capturing and Maintaining Attention
49. Building Tension and Suspense

Visual Communication

50. Design Sense
51. Developing Presentations
52. Designing Graphics
53. Drawing
54. Effective Use of a Whiteboard
55. Simplifying Complex Ideas With Visual Representations

Technical Skills

56. Effective Use of Microphone and Sound System
57. Using Visual Display Technologies
58. Time Management

Interpersonal Skills

59. Reading Mood and Emotions
60. Dealing with Difficult People
61. Resolving Conflict
62. Facilitating Conversations
63. Making Good First Impressions
64. Building Relationships of Trust
65. Greetings
66. Politics
67. Diplomacy
68. Cultural Competence
69. Attunement to Social Norms
70. Collaborating

Personal Skills

71. Personal Courage
72. Intelligence
73. Emotional Intelligence
74. Managing Stress
75. Taking Criticism
76. Self Awareness
77. Self Control
78. Adaptability
79. Assertiveness
80. Resilience
81. Self Assessment
82. Friendliness
83. Enthusiasm
84. Willingness to Stand Out From a Crowd
85. Charisma
86. Quick-wittedness
87. Ethics

Related Skills

88. Leadership
89. Personal Branding

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