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83 Visual Communication Skills (List)

        posted by , February 23, 2013

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a powerpoint slide packed with 20 graphs must be worth 20,000 words — right?

We've all seen some pretty bad powerpoint slides over the course of our careers. Most of us have also designed some pretty terrible slides ourselves.

Visual communication is one of those skills that people tend to underestimate. Everyone thinks they can do it.

The fact is, there's a big difference in visual communication skills from one person to the next. It's not necessarily a natural ability — some people have just worked at it a little harder.

Klimt The Kiss

Visuals can instantly communicate emotion or information — it's a great skill to master. Actually, it's 83 great skills to master.

Visual Abilities

1. Visual Literacy
2. Visual Reasoning
3. Spatial Analysis
4. Visual Analytics

Artistic Abilities

5. Aesthetic Sense
6. Design Sense
7. Artistic Sense
8. Cultural Sense
9. Style

Professional Skills

10. Art
11. Illustration
12. Graphic Design
13. User Interface Design (e. g. Web Design)
14. Typography
15. Page Layout Design
16. Photography
17. Photo Editing

Persuasion Techniques

18. Persuasion (Ethos, Pathos, and Logos)
19. Arrangement
20. Emphasis
21. Clarity
22. Conciseness
23. Tone
24. Targeting Information To An Audience
25. Framing (i. e. Framing a Visual Argument)
26. Social Proof


27. Business Writing
28. Copy Writing
29. Word Choice
30. Plain Language (i.e. avoid needless jargon and flowery words)
31. Slogans
32. Language Ability
33. Editing

Presenting Visual Information

34. Public Speaking
35. Facilitating Meetings
36. Presentation Flow
37. Storytelling
38. Humor
39. Influencing
40. Motivating
41. Coaching
42. Cultural Competence
43. Brainstorming
44. Whiteboarding

Information Visualization

45. Visual Expression of Emotion
46. Visual Expression of Concepts
47. Simplifying Complex Ideas
48. Technical Drawings
49. Engineering Drawings
50. Scientific Diagrams
51. Diagrams
52. Graphs
53. Heatmaps
54. Treemaping
55. Flow Charts
56. Data Flow Diagrams
57. Mindmaps
58. Concept Maps
59. Maps (Cartography)
60. Statistical Graphics
61. Timelines
62. Hierarchies
63. Network Visualization (Representing Relationships)
64. Argument Maps
65. Symbols

Information Modeling & Design

66. Research
67. Information Analysis
68. Modeling Information
69. Modeling Decisions
70. Statistical Analysis
71. Developing Metrics & KPI
72. Data Transformations

Visualizing Business Information

73. Business Analysis
74. Financial Analysis
75. Branding


76. Using Visualization Tools
77. Computer-aided Design
78. Information Architecture
79. Visualization Standards (e. g. UML)

Managing Visual Information

80. Knowledge Management
81. Infonomics

Leadership of Visual Communication

82. Creative Direction
83. Art Direction

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