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80 Interpersonal Skills

        posted by , April 29, 2013

Business is about getting along.

Interpersonal skills are key to innovation, marketing, selling and employee productivity.

Business social psychology is incredibly complex. Managing social relationships for productive results is no easy task.

When interpersonal relationships break down businesses become stuck in non-productive politics or end up with disengaged employees and angry customers. It's not a pretty picture.

These 80 skills are key to effective interpersonal relationships.

Core Interpersonal Skills

1. Communication Skills
2. Influencing
3. Negotiation & Conflict Resolution
4. Emotional Intelligence
5. Networking


6. Verbal Communication
7. Presentation Skills
8. Public Speaking
9. Visual Communication
10. Body Language
11. Facial Expressions
12. Eye Contact
13. Humor
14. Quick-wittedness
15. Listening
16. Creative Questioning
17. Storytelling
18. Interviewing
19. Effective Word Choice

Professional Communication

20. Selling
21. Marketing
22. Corporate Communication
23. Community Engagement
24. Reputation Management
25. Effective Meetings
26. Business Writing (e.g. reports, emails)
27. Coaching
28. Mentoring
29. Training
30. Customer Service
31. Interviewing
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32. Facilitation
33. Inspiring
34. Persuasion
35. Motivating
36. Collaborating
37. Debating
38. Personal Branding
39. Office Politics
40. Team Building
41. Giving Feedback
42. Managing Difficult Conversations
43. Engaging Employees
44. Empowering Others


45. Diplomacy
46. Establishing Partnerships and Alliances
47. Multi-party Negotiations
48. International Business Negotiations (e.g. Inter-cultural)
49. Negotiating Across Organizational Boundaries
50. Mediation
51. Arbitration
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Conflict Resolution

52. Identifying Underlying Conflict
53. Bringing Conflict Into The Open
54. Resolving Conflict
55. Dealing with Difficult People
56. Presenting to a Hostile Audience

Emotional Intelligence

57. Self Awareness
58. Emotion Management
59. Stress Management
60. Empathy
61. Friendliness
62. Self Confidence
63. Taking Criticism
64. Social Intelligence
65. Effective Greetings
66. Perceiving Emotions
67. Attunement to Social Norms
68. Social Skills
69. Intercultural Competence
70. Language Abilities
71. Charisma
72. Effective Presentation of Self
73. Fostering Personal Courage in Others
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74. Making a Good First Impression
75. Introducing Yourself
76. Engaging Conversation
77. Establishing Contacts
78. Maintaining Long-term Relationships
79. Building Relationships of Trust
80. Building Productive Relationships

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