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75 Project Management Training Ideas

        posted by , March 01, 2013

If you're looking for a comprehensive list of project management training ideas you've come to the right place.

The following table lists 75 of the most popular and productive training options for project managers. You may find that it's useful for developing your training plan.

AreaTraining Options
CertificationsIf you're considering project management as a profession, certification is important. Most employers expect it. Project management certification is also beneficial for anyone in management.

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®)
A entry-level certification for project management from the Project Management Institute (PMI). CAPM is knowledge based (project management experience is not required).

PMI Project Management Professional (PMP®)
The most widely recognized certification for project managers. This certification has rigorous requirements and is in high demand by employers.

A large number of training providers offer PMP certification preparation courses. Check that your training provider is certified (PMI Registered Education Provider). Self study is also an option.

Program Management Professional (PgMP®)
A certification for highly experienced program managers from the Project Management Institute.

PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP®)
A certification of agile project management methodology knowledge from the Project Management Institute.

PRINCE2® Practitioner
A certification for the PRINCE2 project management methodology.

APMP® (Association of Project Managers Professional)
A knowledge based qualification that spans all elements of project management from the Association of Project Managers.
Academic Bachelor of Project Management
Many universities and colleges offer degrees and diplomas in project management. These are an excellent option for young people considering a career in project management. If you have career experience, CAPM is often a better place to begin a career in project management.

Master Of Project Management (MSPM)
A professional advanced degree in project management is offered by a number of universities. A Doctorate of Project Management (PhD degree) is also a possibility.

Masters Of Business Administration (MBA)
MBA is a popular degree for project managers looking ahead to career growth. Keep in mind that there are many good alternatives to an MBA.
Project Management Overviews Project Management Training
A good portion of project management training is focused on preparation for certification. Even if you're not interested in a certification these programs offer a comprehensive look at project management best practices.

If you're looking for basic skills to manage simple projects, training options for lightweight project management processes do exist.

Agile Project Management Training
Agile is a lean approach to project management that's designed to be responsive to change. Professional project managers are often expected to have knowledge of agile methodologies.

Program Management Training
Program management is more than managing multiple projects. It's a discipline unto itself. Program management is a common career path for project managers.
Project Management TopicsA wide variety of training options are available that focus on a single aspect of project management. These can be helpful to strengthen your knowledge in a critical area. They make good refresher courses for professionals who are already certified project managers. They are also good for stakeholders to better understand aspects of project management.

Project Leadership Training
Project leadership skills are difficult to master.

Financial Management For Projects
Budgets and financial controls for projects.

Earned Value Management Training
Objective and accurate measurement of project performance and progress.

Project Cost Management Training
Cost management is a critical aspect of project management that's often a pain point. Cost management training covers topics such as estimates, budgets, financial metrics, change control and financial management.

Project Scope Management Training
Focused on scope management (another common project pain point).

Project Integration Management Training
Typically covers topics such as project plan development and coordinating changes across a project.

Project Communication Management Training
Never under estimate the challenges of project communications.

Project Human Resource Management Training
The skills you need to better manage project teams.

Project Procurement Management Training
Procurement management training benefits most project management teams.

Project Quality Management Training
Measuring and managing project quality is often a critical issue.

Project Risk Management Training
Risk management is such a critical area that PMI has a separate certification for it (PMI Risk Management Professional ~ PMI-RMP®).

Stakeholder Management Training
Stakeholder management techniques can help you navigate a highly political landscape to clear project issues.

Project Portfolio Management Training
If you're responsible for more than one project it's time to think about project portfolio management training.

Managing A Project Management Office
Developing, deploying and managing a PMO.
Special Projects Managing Troubled Projects
Strategies for bringing troubled projects back on track.

Managing Complex Projects
Techniques for complex projects (e.g. megaprojects).

Industries Project Management For Software Development Training
It's beneficial for IT project managers to understand architectural approaches, the software development lifecycle, best practices and standards.

Systems Integration Project Management
Techniques for IT systems integration projects.

Project Management For Construction
Specialized training programs for construction project managers.

Energy Project Management Training
Managing energy infrastructure projects.

Logistics Training
For project managers handling logistics projects.
Business Training It's common for project managers to focus on business training when they have completed their project management certifications.

Business Strategy Training
Business strategy is a complex and fascinating domain.

Innovation Training
Innovation is widely recognized as a critical but challenging business priority.

Business Analysis Training
Most project managers work closely with teams of business analysts. It's not a bad idea to learn their world inside-out.

Business Development Training
Critical for project managers working on business development and new product development projects.

Compliance Training
A good overview of compliance issues for your industry is critical for every PM.

Contract Law Training
If you're dealing with a number of procurement contracts, this knowledge comes in handy.

Contract Negotiation Skills
Negotiation gets tricky and your vendors are good at it.

Human Resources Training
HR training may be of interest to some project managers (e.g. recruiting and performance management best practices).

Talent Management Training
Progressive approaches for managing talent. Helpful for project managers who manage project teams of high powered professionals.

Corporate Social Responsibility Training
It's never a bad idea for any professional to take an interest in corporate social responsibility.

Business Ethics Training
Become a voice for ethical approaches in your organization.

Sustainability Training
Lead a sustainable cause at your organization.

Leadership Training Leadership training that's not focused on projects. Leadership training is practically a industry unto itself. There are plenty of options. Look for an accomplished instructor (business experience).

Executive Leadership Development
In theory, executive leadership development is focused on training people who are on the verge of becoming executives. Executive leadership is very different from leadership.

Facilitation Skills Training
Techniques for facilitating business conversations.

Management Training
Change Management Training
Organizational change management is a little different from project change management. Learn how to manage long-running strategic changes (e.g. programs).

Crisis Management Training
Ever feel your projects slip into crisis management mode? Learn some strategies and techniques for managing.

Balanced Scorecard Training
Balanced Scorecard is a strategy performance management methodology.

Continuous Improvement Training
The projects you manage may be part of a continuous improvement program. Learn about the context of your projects.

Contract Management Training
As a project manager you may be expected to manage contracts. Learn the legal context and techniques for diligent management of contracts.

Dispute Resolution Training
Are disputes between your stakeholders shipwrecking your projects? Step in and facilitate.

Managing Difficult Conversations Training
As a project manager you will be involved with performance management and other processes that occasionally require difficult conversations.

Managerial Accounting Training
Accounting due diligence for managers. May also include techniques for financial decision modeling.

Knowledge Management Training
How to turn a mess of project artifacts into a knowledge system.

Meeting Management
The ability to drive efficient, worthy meetings will increase your value to your firm.

Performance Management
Improving the effectiveness of your teams.

Audit Compliance Training
Important preparation for a audit compliance project or for project managers operating in a audit sensitive environment.

Cross-cultural Management Training
Critical skills for managing cross-cultural teams.

Organizational Design Training
A look a strategic organizational design may benefit your project organization designs.

Team Building Training
Inspiring and motivating teams to success.

Strategic Management Training
Topics such as competitive strategies and sustainable value creation.

Event Management Training
The application of project management to managing events (e.g. promotional events and corporate events).

Soft Skills Training Active Listening Training
Active listening is a series of techniques for improving your listening comprehension while showing interest.

Business Communication Training
Persuasive verbal and written business communication.

Emotional Intelligence Training
Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a set of critical skills for getting things done in real world business environments. Using (reading, interpreting, managing) emotions to achieve results is an underrated skill.

Public Speaking Training
Project managers may be expected to represent their projects in public forums. Many professionals have a fear of public speaking that keeps them from excelling in this important function. This can easily be managed with a little training. Public speaking isn't a natural ability — it's an acquired skilled.

Assertiveness Training
Effective techniques for assertive communication.

Coaching Skills Training
Great project managers coach and mentor their teams.

Stress Management Training
Projects can be stressful, especially when you're managing them. If stress is interfering with your professional or personal life it's important to work on coping techniques.
Tools Sharepoint For Project Management
Why not become a expert in the tools you use everyday (e.g. enterprise content management platforms such as Sharepoint)?

Microsoft Project Training
Knowing your core tools will payback right away.

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