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59 Leadership Skills

        posted by , March 11, 2013

If there's one skill that people desire more than any other it's leadership.

Leadership can improve your professional and personal results. It can bring you to the heights of accomplishment. It can help to change the world.

Even minor improvements in leadership abilities can reap huge rewards.

The trouble with leadership is that it's notoriously difficult to master. The reason is that leadership isn't a skill — it's a set of skills.

There are at least 59 soft skills that are commonly associated with leadership abilities.

Basic Leadership Skills

1. Decision Making
2. Professional Ethics
3. Influencing
4. Facilitation
5. Selling
6. Inspiring
7. Persuasion
8. Negotiation
9. Motivating
10. Collaborating
11. Team Building
12. Coaching & Mentoring
13. Strategy Planning
14. Delegating
15. Dispute Resolution
16. Diplomacy
17. Managing People
18. Performance Management
19. Managing Difficult Conversations
20. Crisis Management

Communication Skills

21. Verbal Communication
22. Storytelling
23. Physical Communication & Body Language
24. Writing
25. Visual Communication
26. Humor & Quick-wittedness
27. Active Listening
28. Public Speaking & Presentation Skills
29. Targeted Communication

Interpersonal Skills

30. Networking
31. Interpersonal Relationships
32. Dealing with Difficult People
33. Personal Branding
34. Office Politics
35. Managing Group Dynamics
36. Intercultural Competence

Personal Skills

37. Assertiveness
38. Emotional Intelligence
39. Self Awareness
40. Emotion Management
41. Tolerance of Change and Uncertainty
42. Taking Criticism
43. Self Confidence
44. Adaptability & Resilience
45. Self Leadership
46. Enthusiasm
47. Leading by Example
48. Establishing Trust

Creative Skills

49. Innovation
50. Problem Solving
51. Critical Thinking
52. Entrepreneurial Thinking

Professional Skills

53. Budgeting & Financial Management
54. Planning & Scheduling
55. Organization
56. Time Management
57. Trend Awareness
58. Research
59. Business Etiquette

This post is part of an ongoing series of articles called how to win at leadership.

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