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50 Change Management Training Ideas

        posted by , March 31, 2013

The world is changing very fast. Big will not beat small anymore. It will be the fast beating the slow.
~Rupert Murdoch
Change is everything to a business. It's how small companies grow to dominate markets. It's how organizations build competitive advantages that last for decades.

Executives are interested in change management as a way of implementing strategies efficiently without failures and delays. Middle management is interested in change management as a technique for delivering in an environment of constant change. Project managers are interested in change management as a discipline that's critical to delivering a successful project.

With all this interest in the topic — several change management training options have evolved.

The following training ideas may be of interest to executive managers and managers (a reference professional development plan for change management).

Change Management Training

Change management training is available as short professional programs, certifications and graduate degrees.

AreaTraining Options
Change ManagementChange management training programs are (more often than not) based on a proprietary methodology or approach. There are at least 5-distinct levels of change management training.

Change Management for Executive Leaders
Organizational change management is often an executive management function.

Change Management for Managers
Change management training for departmental and team management.

Change Management Certification
Certification programs for proprietary change management methodologies.

Change Management for Sponsors
Sponsors of programs and projects play a critical role in managing change. Change management training may focus on the sponsor's role.

Change Management for Employees
Change management awareness training for employees. Helps organizations establish a culture that's accepting of change and innovation.

ITILITIL is a popular framework for IT service management. It includes change management processes for IT services. ITIL training and certification is a good option for IT managers.

ITIL Training
ITIL training usually focuses on preparation for certification. Overviews are also available.

ITIL Certification
There are four levels of ITIL certification for individuals: Foundation, Intermediate, Expert and Master.

Graduate Degrees & Graduate Certificates
Masters in Organizational Change
Several universities offer Masters degrees in organizational change (e.g. Master of Arts in Organizational Change or Master of Science in Strategic Change Management). These programs are interdisciplinary and may cover research in leadership, organizational behavior, knowledge management, strategy and innovation.

Graduate Certificate in Change Management
Certificate programs in change management run by universities and colleges.

Masters Of Business Administration (MBA)
Various MBA programs offer a concentration in change management.

Special TopicsMergers & Acquisitions Training
Special programs for executive managers that look at strategies and techniques for the most challenging business changes of all — Mergers & Acquisitions.

Industry Specific Change Management Training
Change management training is available that focuses on managing change in a particular industry (e.g. Oil & Gas).

Soft Skills Training for Change Management

Organizational change management requires dozens of soft skills. The following training is highly applicable to change management.

AreaTraining Options
Leadership Training Develop your ability to lead change.

Leadership Training
Leadership is the practice of leading change. Leadership training is an industry unto itself — hundreds of options are available.

Executive Leadership Development
Executive leadership development is focused on training people who are ready for the executive ranks.

Other Soft Skills Public Speaking Training
Reducing resistance to change is about communication. Effective public speaking can inspire teams to change.

Business Communication Training
Persuasive verbal and written business communication.

Facilitation Skills Training
Techniques for facilitating business conversations.

Negotiations Training
Change may involve negotiations with opponents of change.

Active Listening Training
Active listening is a series of techniques for improving your listening comprehension while showing interest.

Emotional Intelligence Training
Emotional Intelligence (EI) is a set of critical skills for influencing and motivating change (reading, interpreting and managing emotions to achieve results).

Assertiveness Training
Effective techniques for assertive communication.

Coaching Skills Training
Coaching is a critical change management skill.

Stress Management Training
Change can be stressful, especially when you're leading it. If stress is interfering with your professional or personal life it's important to develop your coping techniques.

Project Management Training

Change is typically implemented as programs and projects. Program and project management training is highly relevant to change management.

AreaTraining Options
CertificationsProfessional certifications for program and project managers.

Certified Associate in Project Management (CAPM®)
An entry-level certification for project management from the Project Management Institute (PMI). CAPM is knowledge based (project management experience is not required).

PMI Project Management Professional (PMP®)
The most widely recognized certification for project managers. This certification has rigorous requirements and is in high demand by employers.

A large number of training providers offer PMP certification preparation courses. Check that your training provider is certified (PMI Registered Education Provider). Self study is also an option.

Program Management Professional (PgMP®)
A certification for experienced program managers from the Project Management Institute.

PMI Agile Certified Practitioner (PMI-ACP®)
A certification of agile project management methodology knowledge from the Project Management Institute.

PRINCE2® Practitioner
A certification for the PRINCE2 project management methodology.

APMP® (Association of Project Managers Professional)
A knowledge based qualification that spans all elements of project management from the Association of Project Managers.

Project Management Graduate Degrees Master Of Project Management (MSPM)
A number of universities offer a professional advanced degree in project management. A Doctorate of Project Management (PhD degree) is also a possibility.

Project Management Training Project Management Overviews
A good portion of project management training is focused on preparation for certification. However, overviews and special topic training is also available.

Agile Project Management Training
Agile is a lean approach to project management that's designed to be responsive to change.

Program Management Training
Program management is more than managing multiple projects. It's a discipline of managing transformation programs.

Business Training

Business training that has applications to change management.

AreaTraining Options
Strategy & Innovation Innovation Training
Programs that dive into the process of innovation.

Business Strategy Training
Frameworks for developing and executing strategic plans.

Business Development Training
Business development and new product development strategies and techniques.
Management TrainingManagement practices that relate to change management.

Crisis Management Training
Be ready when change falls into crisis mode. Techniques and strategies for managing a crisis.

Balanced Scorecard Training
Balanced Scorecard is a strategy performance management methodology.

Continuous Improvement Training
There's a big fuzzy line between change and continuous improvement. Continuous improvement methodologies are an excellent way to achieve change.

Dispute Resolution Training
Are disputes between your people shipwrecking change? Step in and facilitate.

Managing Difficult Conversations Training
Change management aligns with performance management and other processes that occasionally require difficult conversations.

Knowledge Management Training
Knowledge underpins all change. Knowledge sharing is the path to reducing resistance to change.

Cross-cultural Management Training
Critical skills for managing change in a cross-cultural environment.

Organizational Design Training
A look a strategic organizational design.

Team Building Training
Inspiring and motivating teams to achieve change.

Human ResourcesIn many cases, organizational change management falls under the human resources department. An organization's ability to change is a critical aspect of its organizational culture.

Human Resources Training
Human resources training may be a broad overview or focus on a particular area such as recruiting or performance management.

Talent Management Training
Techniques for managing high powered talent.

Responsible Change Corporate Social Responsibility Training
A look at corporate social responsibility strategies and approaches.

Business Ethics Training
The ethics of business change.

Sustainability Training
There's no sense in leading change that destroys the future. Sustainability is a key theme of change.

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