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42 Emotional Intelligence Skills

        posted by , February 23, 2013

Many people still roll their eyes when they hear the term Emotional Intelligence (EI).

Emotional intelligence is difficult to measure. It doesn't get respect like problem solving and reasoning.

Nevertheless, emotional intelligence is an important success factor in many professions. You wouldn't want to hire a sales person who is antisocial or a leader who can't influence emotions.

The following emotional intelligence skills are important business skills.

Core Emotional Intelligence

1. Perceiving Emotions
2. Understanding Emotions
3. Using Emotions
4. Managing Emotions

Perceiving Emotions

5. Self Awareness
6. Reading People
7. Empathy

Understanding Emotions

8. Self Assessment
9. Assessing the Emotions of Others
10. Attunement to Social Norms
11. Cultural Competence

Using Emotions

12. Charisma
13. Gut Decisions
14. Sociability
15. Social Skill
16. Communication
17. First Impressions
18. Body Language
19. Eye Contact
20. Humor
21. Motivating
22. Influencing
23. Negotiating
24. Facilitating
25. Collaborating
26. Building Rapport
27. Building Trust
28. Openness
29. Taking Criticism
30. Adaptability
31. Curiosity
32. Agreeableness
33. Conscientiousness
34. Energy
35. Assertiveness
36. Focus
37. Introspection

Managing Emotions

38. Controlling Disruptive Emotions
39. Controlling Impulses
40. Self-discipline
41. Resilience
42. Endurance

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