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40 Change Management Skills

        posted by , February 23, 2013

People fear and resist change.

It's well known that organizations also tend to resist change. Managing change in a large organization is a complex and challenging process.

Change Management Definition

Change management is a process that drives managed change to meet strategic and tactical business objectives.

A change manger is a leader who analyzes, communicates, plans, schedules and manages change. Change management skills are closely tied to risk management, quality management and project management disciplines.

The following skills are critical for change management roles.

Change Management

1. Change Impact Analysis
2. Current State Analysis
3. Gap Analysis
4. Marketing Change
5. Communicating Change
6. Setting Objectives
7. Planning
8. Scheduling
9. Managing Change Processes
10. Managing Stakeholder Expectations
11. Managing Training
12. Cost-Benefit Analysis
13. Risk Assessments
14. Managing Risk
15. Quality Planning
16. Project Management
17. Developing Business Plans & Estimates
18. Developing Requirements
19. Developing Assumption & Risk Based Project Plans
20. Business Analysis
21. Operational Analysis
22. Managing Integrated Teams
23. Removing Obstacles for Teams
24. Using Change Management Tools

Related Standards and Best Practices

The following IT standards and best practices include guidelines for change management.
26. ISO/IEC 20000

Soft Skills

27. Leading Change
28. Managing Uncertainty & Ambiguity
29. Collaborating
30. Managing Resistance to Change
31. Influencing
32. Motivating
33. Verbal & Visual Communication
34. Public Speaking
35. Office Politics
36. Diplomacy
37. Interpersonal Skills
38. Decision making
39. Problem Solving
40. Prioritization

This post in an installment in an ongoing series of articles called The Skills Inventory.

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