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34 Time Management Skills

        posted by , February 23, 2013

Have you ever met a time burglar? A time burglar is someone who doesn't respect your time. They're everywhere ...

The neighbor who'd be happy to waste your hours away talking about the latest celebrity hairstyles.

The manager who assigns you pointless work.

The coworker who asks you 16 questions for every 5 minutes of work they complete.

You want to be generous with your time. However, life is short.

If you want to achieve something in your career. If you want to enjoy a little work-life balance — you need to manage your time.

Beyond personal time management, leaders and managers need to manage time for teams, tasks, projects, programs and initiatives.

These 34 skills are key to time management.

Core Time Management

1. Personal Time Management
2. Task Planning
3. Task Tracking
4. Allocating Resources
5. Setting Goals
6. Delegation
7. Time Accounting
8. Time Analysis
9. Monitoring
10. Organizing
11. Scheduling
12. Setting Priorities
13. Time Management Strategy
14. Time Management Leadership
15. Clearing Roadblocks
16. Continual Improvement
17. Reporting Task Status
18. Managing to Schedule
19. Escalating Schedule Issues


20. Project Planning
21. Work Breakdown Structure
22. Project Scheduling
23. Schedule Buy-in
24. Status Communication
25. Issue Escalation


26. Protecting Your Time
27. Time Burglar Defense Tactics

Soft Skills

28. Goal Focus
29. Time Awareness
30. Sense of Urgency
31. Work-Life Balance
32. Streamlining

Time Management Methods

33. ABC Analysis
Setting task priorities by grouping them into three categories (A,B,C) by urgency.

34. Pareto Analysis (80/20 Rule)
The idea that 80% of the value of a task is generated by the first 20% of the work. In other words, it's inefficient to be a perfectionist.

This post is part of our Skills Inventory.

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