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111 Executive Leadership Skills

        posted by , July 07, 2016

There's a big difference between leadership and executive leadership.

Leadership is an essential skill that applies anywhere from a boy scout troop to the kitchen of a 3 star restaurant.

Executive leadership is a set of capabilities for managing large to mid-sized organizations. Executive leadership positions such as CEO, CFO, COO, CMO and CIO require many of the same skills.

These 111 skills define executive leadership.

Core Executive Leadership Skills

1. Corporate Governance
2. Defining Mission, Vision and Values
3. Championing a Vision
4. Strategy Formulation
5. Strategy Execution
6. Corporate Innovation
7. Strategic Management of Technology
8. Organization Design
9. Competitive Strategy
10. Commercialization of Business Capabilities
11. Identification and Evaluation of Market Opportunities
12. Motivating
13. Negotiating
14. Leading Business Transformation
15. Managing Radical Change
16. Creating and Maintaining a High Performance Culture
17. Creating a Sense of Urgency and Ownership
18. Developing High Potential Talent
19. Managing Strategic Objectives
20. Developing Strategic Alliances
21. Developing Strategic Profit Models
22. Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility
23. Measuring Organizational Performance
24. Risk Management
25. Quality Strategy
26. Quality Management
27. Audit Compliance
28. Program Management
29. Leadership Assessment & Development


30. Financial Governance
31. Managing Financial Risk
32. Strategic Cost Management
33. Venture Capital
34. Financing
35. Managerial Accounting
36. Audit Regulation Awareness
37. Strategic Tax Planning
38. Managing Risk-Return
39. Financial Performance Assessment
40. Financial Policy Decisions
41. Managing Budgets
42. Short-Term Financial Management
43. Long-Term Financial Management
44. Business Forecasting

Human Resources

45. Strategic Human Resource Management
46. Succession Planning
47. Strategic Hiring
48. Recognizing Employee Performance
49. Managing Incentives
50. Dispute Resolution
51. Retention Strategy
52. Work Force Diversity
53. Compensation and Benefits


54. Global Marketing Strategy
55. Public Relations
56. Product Development
57. Competitive Strategy
58. Strategic Market Measurement
59. Advertising Strategy and Management
60. Brand Asset Management
61. Price Strategy
62. Reputation Management


63. Sales Strategy
64. Sales Tactics
65. Sales Organization Design
66. Sales Force Management
67. Sales Performance Management
68. Manage Sales Partners
69. Customer Retention Strategy
70. Setting Sales Targets, Quotas and Incentives


71. Global Operations Strategy
72. Managing Global Operations
73. Enterprise Resource Planning
74. Business Process Improvement
75. Operations Financing
76. Supply Chain Management
77. Strategic Procurement
78. Logistics

Industry Knowledge

79. Market Knowledge
80. Business Trend Awareness
81. Technology Trend Awareness
82. Competitive Analysis

Business Law

83. Intellectual Property Law
84. Employment Law
85. Managing Liability
86. Environmental Regulations
87. Contract Law
88. Fair Competition


89. Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestiture
90. Structuring Acquisitions
91. Corporate Restructuring
92. Financing Mergers and Acquisitions

Decision Making

93. Strategic Decision-Making
94. Applying Data to Decision Making
95. Decision Making by Formalizing Trade-offs
96. Modeling Business Decisions

Soft Skills

97. Willingness to Lead
98. Willingness To Take Responsibility
99. Short Term and Long Term Focus
100. Cross-Cultural Leadership
101. Charisma
102. Competitive Focus
103. Results Focus
104. Political Savvy
105. Delegation
106. Creative Questioning
107. Innovative Thinking
108. Public Speaking
109. Diplomacy
110. Endurance
111. Influencing Skills

Find more leadership skills here.

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