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110 MBA Skills

        posted by , February 23, 2013

Each year more than 150,000 MBA degrees are awarded in the US alone.

With millions of professionals with MBAs running around it's useful to have a list of what skills they typically posses.

MBA programs vary widely in content, quality and intensity. These 110 skills are commonly included in MBA programs.

This list can be used by MBA graduates working on their resume, by hiring managers who are interviewing MBA graduates or by perspective MBA students who are evaluating programs.

Core MBA Skills

1. Management
2. Finance
3. International Business
4. Marketing
5. Organizational Behavior
6. Strategy


7. Sales Management
8. Operations Management
9. Enterprise Resource Management
10. Human Resource Management
11. Supply Chain Management
12. Logistics
13. Project Management
14. Program Management
15. Real Estate Management
16. Crisis Management
17. Accounting Management
18. Knowledge Management
19. Technology Management
20. Innovation Management
21. Managerial Statistics
22. Cross-Cultural Management
23. Managing Joint Ventures
24. Managing Productivity
25. Forecasting
26. Planning
27. Sourcing
28. Scheduling
29. Organizing
30. Benchmarking
31. Risk Management
32. Quality Management
33. Corporate Social Responsibility
34. Sustainability


35. Raising Capital
36. M&A Finance
37. Corporate Capital Structure
38. Financial Analysis for Corporate Decisions
39. Strategic Analysis of Accounting Information
40. Market Economics
41. Applying Economic Models
42. Managerial Accounting
43. Financial Statements
44. Tax Strategy
45. Financial Forecasting
46. Asset Management
47. Real Estate Financial Analysis
48. Managing Risk-Return
49. Financial Audit
50. Managing Financial Risk
51. Liability Valuation
52. Working Capital Efficiency
53. Cost Management
54. Revenue Management
55. Financial Modeling
56. Behavioral Finance
57. Dividend Policy

International Business

58. Transnational Market Strategies
59. Corporate Governance
60. Mergers, Acquisitions and Divestiture
61. Corporate Restructuring
62. Business Models
63. Business Law
64. Regulatory Compliance
65. Business Disputes
66. Liability Risks
67. Corporate Entrepreneurship


68. Marketing Planning and Execution
69. International Marketing
70. B2B Marketing
71. Product Development
72. Marketing Communications
73. Advertising Management
74. Channels Management
75. Pricing Management
76. Public Relations
77. Market Research
78. Strategic Positioning
79. Product Benchmarking
80. R&D Management
81. Launch Marketing
82. Product Life Cycle Management
83. Brand Management
84. Category Management
85. Digital Marketing

Organizational Behavior

86. Organization Design
87. Leadership
88. Cross-Cultural Leadership
89. Negotiating
90. Motivating
91. Diplomacy
92. Business Ethics


93. Competitive Strategy
94. Strategic Management
95. Strategic Management of Technology
96. Situation Analysis
97. Game Theory and Business Strategy
98. Managing Strategic Objectives
99. Developing Strategic Alliances
100. Transitional Strategies
101. Gap Identification
102. Applying Patterns of Market Change
103. Digital Business Strategy
104. Real Estate Strategy
105. Sales Strategy & Tactics
106. Operations Strategy
107. Venture Capital
108. Strategic Cost Management
109. Strategic Hiring
110. Succession Planning

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