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103 Negotiation Skills

        posted by , February 16, 2013

Gentleman, you can't fight here! This is the war room!
~ Peter Sellers (as President Merkin Muffley), Dr. Strangelove
Negotiation is a friendly fight. A strategic battle of wits wrapped in niceties and politeness.

Every professional has to negotiate. Whether it's your salary, your ideas or your initiatives — negotiation isn't optional.

Like public speaking, it's common for people to feel nervous about negotiating. Other people look at it as a captivating game — a fun challenge.

Negotiation isn't a single skill, it's a complex soup of skills. The following 103 skills are commonly associated with negotiating.

Lead from your strengths to improve your negotiation results.

Most great negotiators have developed their style around their strengths. If you're a great public speaker — leverage this in negotiations. If you're great at reading people, use that.

1. Negotiation Planning
2.Influencing To Negotiate
3. Emotional Intelligence
4. Communication
5. Hard Bargaining
6. Diplomacy
7. Selling
8. Decision Making
9. Soft Skills

Negotiation Planning

10. Research
11. Goal & Objective Planning
12. Identifying & Prioritizing Alternatives
13. Identifying & Validating Assumptions

Influencing To Negotiate

14. Persuasion
15. Pitching Ideas & Proposals
16. Public Speaking
17. Reasoning
18. Debating
19. Conflict Resolution
20. Collaborating
21. Establishing Authority
22. Establishing Rapport & Trust
23. Managing Relationships
24. Creative Questioning
25. Identifying Needs
26. Ability to Simplify Complex Ideas
27. Establishing Common Ground
28. Win-Win Thinking
29. Consistency
30. Establishing Social Proof
31. Demonstrating Good Faith
32. Ability to See Other People's Point of View

Complex Negotiations

33. Negotiating Across Organizational Boundaries
34. Multi-party Negotiations
35. International Business Negotiations
36. Establishing Partnerships and Alliances
37. Mediation

Emotional Intelligence

38. Observing & Analyzing Emotions
39. Separating the People From the Problem
40. Empathy
41. Optimism
42. Humor
43. Ability To Take Criticism
44. Self Control
45. Recognizing Attempts To Trigger Emotional Responses
46. Deflecting Personal Attacks
47. Attunement to Social Norms
48. Quick-wittedness
49. Endurance & Persistence


50. Verbal Communication
51. Visual Communication
52. Social Intelligence
53. Active Listening
54. Using Silence
55. Body Language
56. Strong Eye Contact
57. First Impressions
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Hard Bargaining

58. Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt
59. Bluffing
60. Divide and Conquer
61. Defense in Depth
62. Switching Barriers
63. Buying Time (e. g. Snow Job)
64. Bogey


65. Diplomatic Strategy
66. Politics
67. Using An Advocate (Shuttle Diplomacy)
68. Positive Words, Negative Body Language
69. Saying No With Positive Words
70. Diplomatic Language
71. Politeness
72. Calling Bluffs & Naming Negotiation Tricks
73. Building Retreat Paths
74. Use of Objective Criteria
75. Anchoring
76. Avoiding Escalations


77. Sales Strategy
78. Identifying Customer Requirements & Needs
79. Developing Proposals
80. Sales Pitching
81. Answering Customer Questions
82. Customer Relationship Management
83. Selling Product Benefits
84. Analysis of Customer Buy Cycles
85. Analysis of Customer-side Politics
86. Foot-in-the-Door Techniques
87. Door-in-the-Face Techniques
88. Closing Deals
89. Nibbling & Upselling
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Decision Making

90. Strategic Decision Making
91. Tactical Decision Making
92. Information Analysis
93. Modeling Business Decisions
94. Decision Making by Formalizing Trade-offs
95. Problem Solving
96. Dealing with Ambiguity
97. Accountability

Soft Skills

98. Leadership
99. Organization Skills
100. Planning & Scheduling
101. Time Management
102. Meeting Management
103. Cross-Cultural Competence
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This post is part of the ongoing series of articles called how to win at negotiation.

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